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Days per week
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2019 - 2020 Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Annually
Pay $917.85 $1,835.69 $3,977.00 $48,933.00
Taxable Income $1,153.85 $2,307.69 $5,000.00 $60,000.00
Superannuation * [$109.62] [$219.23] [$475.00] [$5,700.00]
Total Taxes $236.00 $472.00 $1,023.00 $11,067.00
Income Tax $212.92 $425.85 $922.67 $11,047.00
Medicare1 $23.08 $46.15 $100.00 $1,200.00
Other taxes and Levies2 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Tax Offsets3 - - - -$1,180.00
  • * This amount is paid by your employer into your superannuation fund.
  • You have a Medicare levy of $1,000.00. The calculation on the Medicare levy assumes you are single with no dependants.
  • There are not other additional levies.
  • You are entitled to $250.00 Low Income Tax Offset. $1,080.00 Low And Middle Income Tax Offset.
  • This calculator is an estimate.

Benefits of Using Salary Calculator Australia

Salary Calculator Australia allows you to calculate your salary/tax for jobs based in Australia in just a few easy steps. It is a most effective online tool to calculate your weekly, fortnightly, monthly salary. This is an easy ‘Salary Calculator Australia’ web tool/app that lets you keep track of your salary and taxes transactions. You can use this product to also calculate your net salary after taxes in Australia.

It can get frustrating when we cannot understand why we are paying the amount for annual taxes. With everyone’s busy schedule not all of us are well informed about the structure of pay we receive and taxes we pay. By inputting just your salary information in this site, in only few steps you will acquire broken down details of your salary structures. You will see how much you’re being paid weekly, fortnightly and annually. You will also be able to know the detailed amounts of taxes you owe. This information can help you structure your own personal financial planning. You will be actively informed on your salary and tax transactions, which gives you financial independence as well.

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Income Tax Calculator Australia (Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Annually)

salary calculator australia
Income tax calculator Australia allows you to calculate your salary/tax for jobs based in Australia
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Why is Annual different to PAYG?

The ATO presents the tables and formulae to ascertain weekly, fortnightly, monthly or regularly scheduled PAYG income tax installments that differs from the annual tax amounts. The objective is to make tax computations easier to apply. However, the process can lead to errors. The differences will consistently be in support of the ATO, however these will be refunded when the annual year tax is processed.

Salary Calculator Australia

More Information on Income tax

Get more details on how tax calculations are operated, including information on the income tax brackets, Medicare levy, superannuation and how your HELP/HECS obligation is reimbursed. The links page also included the guiding link to the ATO Government sites.

Salary Calculator Australia